The Approach

Fwdshift is a proactive philosophy and positive approach to supporting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities

We use positive approaches for even the most severe behavior challenges. As an organization, we prohibit the use of aversive behavior techniques, including physical restraints. Instead, we embrace a person-centered, proactive philosophy founded on the belief that the best way to eliminate negative behavior is to

increase positive behavior. Through this approach to behavior support, we have developed a successful model to help others learn the benefits of caring without restraints. This model is based on three core beliefs.

three core beliefs graphic

This model is based on an unwavering commitment to three core beliefs.

    Everything Begins with the Individual

  • Pursue their person centered interests
  • Actively engage each child or adultl
  • Tailor supports to their needs
  • Recognize and emphasize individuality
  • A Positive, Proactive Approach is Fundamental

  • Increase proactivity/ reduce reactivity
  • Care without restraint
  • Lavishly praise and reinforce desired behavior
  • Build self-esteem
  • It Pays to Unleash the Power in People

  • Redefine recruitment for better hiring
  • Invest in staff support and development
  • Foster open and frequent communication
  • Continually assess/ measure/ adjust