Want to learn how fwdshift can transform your organization? Begin by exploring the suite of services, which includes immersion experiences, seminars, assessments and customized trainings

Fwdshift Immersion Experiences

Making the “shift” to a new way of doing things is not easy. Old habits and ways of thinking must be worked through, and new approaches must be introduced, understood and internalized. This occurs most effectively when individuals are immersed in principles and methods that can bring about dramatic, transformational shifts in individual and organizational thinking and culture.

Through these highly engaging and empowering experiences, professionals from The Arc of Delaware County will instruct, coach and support you and your team to achieve remarkable results that can be felt throughout every level of the organization and measured for long-term success.

Fwdshift Seminars

Seminars are conducted in a public forum or as a private session for individual organizations. Sessions typically run for a day and a half and are designed to introduce attendees to the fwdshift philosophy and approach. The seminars provide an overview of the proactive and positive behavior management approaches developed by The Arc of Delaware County including Vantage Point, Shift Happens and People Power. Attendees will not only learn how and why these various approaches help create a culture of caring and productivity, they will gain practical how-to tips they can begin applying immediately to improve care and outcomes in their own organizations. — Request More Information

Fwdshift Assessment Services

Our professionals will travel to your organization to observe, offer insight and evaluate progress toward transitioning to a person-centered, proactive and positive culture. Assessments are highly individualized and build on the strengths of each organization. We will provide reasonable and practical recommendations for improving results through fwdshift methods. — Request More Information

Fwdshift Customized Services

Some organizations have very specific needs, so we provide the option for them to work with our trainers to customize a program to fit their unique requirements. Regardless of whether an organization is seeking training on a single specific topic or if they are interested in a concentrated effort that will result in a total transformation, fwdshift trainers are able to devise a tailored approach. — Request More Information