Making the Shift

A New Approach for Human Services


Do you ever feel that your community-based service organization’s ability to thrive is held back by issues such as staffing shortages, training workers, resource constraints, regulations and other day-to-day worries?

If so, you aren’t alone. I’ve talked with countless organizations like yours who feel just as you do. Yet it’s possible to move beyond these challenges and bring out your organization’s full potential. Fwdshift offers an approach that has helped a number of organizations reach what once felt like unattainable goals, such as:

favicon Creating supports and services that are truly person-centered;

favicon Building a culture where staff and the people they serve are supported and excited about their partnership, and where abuse is unheard of;

favicon Training and retaining a high-performing staff;

favicon Cultivating a reputation in the community as a leading service organization and employer;

favicon Focusing on outcomes versus activities.

Perhaps these goals sound great to you, but you don’t think they are attainable for your organization. But take a look at what some of our participating organizations have said about their fwdshift experiences, included throughout our website. It takes time, but it is possible, I assure you.

The Arc of Delaware County, NY, has made these goals a reality for decades. Fwdshift is our way of sharing the culture we’ve developed here, with the intent of helping other organizations reach their goals, too.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living the fwdshift approach, it’s that there is so much more we can offer the people we support and each other. We’re here to help you uncover that potential in your organization. No matter where your organization is in its journey, fwdshift can help you get there.

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George Suess

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